Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow day!

Yesterday we had a blizzard.
At least that's what the weatherman said it was. Here in the mid-western part of the U.S. we don't get a lot of snow, much less a blizzard. I have to say it was a bit disappointing, when I think of of a blizzard I think complete white out, zero visibility, but sadly it wasn't all that. None the less it was gorgeous!This is a picture of my back yard during the storm:
I think we ended up with about 13 inches of snow.
Unfortunately, my road is still snow covered, so it looks like I'll be stuck at my house for a few more days. For the last two days I've been indoors, staying warm and trying to catch up on some projects ( Lots of robots on the way!), watching old 1960's Italian versions of The Great Hurcules and listening to Leonard Cohen, what better way to spend a snow day!
Check back tomorrow and you'll see the new fun photos I've been working on.

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