Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer Giveaway Time!

Happy summer!
 Sunday June 21 is the official start of summer, and to kick it off I'm hosting a giveaway! All you need to do is leave a comment with your email address and what your favorite thing about summer is. The winner will be announced the morning of the 22nd. The prize? This adorable summer fun robot! He is ready to start his summer off right. Shades, and a tasty watermelon slice! Good luck and happy summer!


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Maternity wears DIY

 I don't know about any of you, but I find it incredibly hard to find cute, affordable maternity clothes! Everything is either a choice of gray, black or purple or its straight from 1990. So, I've decided if I'm going to wear something that fits my style and pocket book I'm just going to have to make it myself! Which is really my favorite route to take anyway.
  So, I'm a bit nervous about posting pictures of myself, I'm more comfortable behind the camera than in front but I wanted to show off some of my maternity clothes that I've made, so here it goes, outfit number one: (I apologize if you can see the discomfort in my face!)

Kimonos are one of my favorite summer staples! I have about a bazillion plain tank tops and tshirts and these are the perfect way to dress those up. They are light and flowy, and look good with shorts or skinny jeans. This one I made myself with some fabric I purchased for about $6, but I've also made them from a scarf, which took about half an hour to put together. All you do is fold the scarf in half, sew an 'L' shape on each side for the sleeves, cut up the center, hem, and presto! You have a kimono! Try it.

The shorts are not maternity but they have stretchy waist and are SOOO comfy! I bought them a few years ago from Etsy.

My shoes were about $10 at Target a few years back and I hand painted the design on them, I just used acrylic craft paint and they have looked perfect since! I love, love, love Targets canvas flats! They are cheap enough I don't mind buying a new pair every few years and they are perfect for personalizing.

 So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed my not so fashionable fashion tips! More to follow in the next few months!


Saturday, June 6, 2015

Weekend DIY: Bird nest necklace

Hey there!
   I'm kind of behind on my posting so I thought I'd do a quick little DIY. This one is super easy and fast enough to whip up in an hour or so. I know there are a ba-zillion of these nest necklaces out there but they're so cute and easy! So here you go!

You will need:
Wire cutters
Thin gauge wire in any color
Three round beads
Necklace chain

Step One:  Without cutting the wire, string on your three beads, leaving a tail about an inch or two long. Twist the wire so that your beads bunch together forming a triangle.

Step Two: Now bend both the wires toward the back of the beads and start coiling around the beads. It can be as tight or loose as you want just depending on the look you're going for.

Step Three: Okay, now for the fun part! Cut off the wire leaving a good long tail, about 6 inches or more, start weaving the tail in and out and all around the coils. A random pattern is usually the best option. Keep going until the nest is as full as you want. Don't forget to do some in the back under the beads too.

Step Four: Keep it up! Once you are happy with how your nest looks make a little loop with the wire tail and secure into the back behind the beads. This will be for stringing the necklace. Bend up the edges to give it a bowl shape and string on your chain.

                               And you're done! Easy right?! Now go show off your new bling!

                                                                     Thanks for reading!