Saturday, September 13, 2014

DIY's to try

  So this week I have fallen off the ball, actually I'm not sure I even got on it to begin with. You know those days when you have really high expectations and you plan to do so much and start all kinds of projects, and then, its three o'clock in the afternoon and you're still in your pajamas looking at Pinterest? This has been one of those weeks. The weather here went from 85 and sunny to the next day being 58 and rainy, its just hard to get motivated on those days. So, that being said I did not plan ahead on what to write about this week, I thought I would do a DIY, but I'm not prepared. Instead here are a few that I PLAN on doing sometime in the future.
This bunny lunch bag just may be the cutest thing I've ever seen!
I'm thinking these cozies from Mollie Makes would be great Christmas presents.
I've been wanting to make some curtains for my living room and I'm really liking these ombre ones from Lovely Home Idea on etsy.
I've been planning on making these for months and I finally bought the fabric.

Hopefully in the next week I can accomplish a few of these. Happy Saturday!


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