Sunday, December 12, 2010

Like most goals I set out to accomplish, my goal of 365 picture has change somewhat. Instead of a photo a day, it is being updated to 7 photos per week, which is a bit more doable. The last few weeks have been super busy and I have not taken as many as I would have liked, but here is my seven for last week. As you can see I have been baking for Christmas, these pinwheels turned out so lovely I couldn't resist a photo shoot:

Not far from my house down a rinky dink gravel road is one of Missouri's last suspension bridges. I'm not sure when it was built, but I'm going to guess in the early 1900's, most people are afraid to walk across it much less drive, but I love it! I hope it stays forever!My latest library treasure was a Jamie Oliver cookbook, this was Chicken stroganoff; delicious!
And last but not least, I photographed my God-daughter and her Daddy, which turned out to be one of the sweetest pictures I've taken:

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  1. It's funny that you actually tell people she's your god-daughter! LOL! Where is that bridge? It is really cool! You'll have to take me there sometime! :)